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My Top 5 Mods to Enhance the Infant Update & Growing Together

Here's my list of the best realistic mods for infants! I hope these will improve your game and experience of the new Growing Together expansion. A few of the mods in this list also add extra functionality to infants even if you only own the base game which I'm sure we can all appreciate with how expensive it is to keep buying new packs! Happy simming :)

Lactation Mod (Part of the Realistic Birth Mod) by PandaSama

In my recent best pregnancy mods post, I covered the Realistic Birth mod by PandaSama. The mod allows for a much more realistic pregnancy and birth experience with waterbirths and more. This month however, PandaSama also introduced lactation and breastfeeding to the mod which I feel adds so much to the gameplay of raising infants that I wanted to talk about it again.

After a Sim has given birth using one of the methods from the mod, they will begin lactating. When there is enough milk available, a moodlet will pop up and you can begin using the breast pumps. Different sims will have different levels of milk supply and so will have different speeds of milk production as well. If you need to speed up milk production you can also eat lactation cookies. These can make even non-lactating Sims begin to lactate so use with caution!

If you don’t pump often enough, your Sim will become uncomfortable and may experience leakage which will stain their clothing. If the Sim in question also has a really high milk supply they may be more at risk for mastitis which is an uncomfortable swelling in the breast from inflammation. If this happens your sim can take the painkiller Tylenol to help with the symptoms.

This mod also features the use of baby formula which is a really nice addition! Sims can mix up a bottle of formula and store in the fridge for later or feed an infant straight away. Sims will also warm up the milk under a tap if it comes from the fridge before giving it to an infant which I think is such a cool little detail!

Family Life by JellyPaws

The next mod is one I think goes perfectly with infants and Growing Together gameplay even though it’s not infant specific. The Family Life mod by JellyPaws was also updated recently and it has a whole bunch of new social interactions, buffs and traits to add more detail to your Sims lives. For example, you can assign child sims the popular or brat trait. This helps to give children a lot more personality than in the unmodded game. As another example, there are also unique traits and buffs associated with being an only child which will affect how your Sim interacts with their peers. The mod also includes unique interactions that can appear when a child experiences events at school (such as being bullied) which is great for storytelling purposes!

Bottle Replacements by Sims Labs & Ellecrze

Okay, this next one is small but quite a nice little detail! If you don’t like the EA milk bottle you can now replace it with these nicer overrides. I found two replacements below by Sims Labs and Ellcrze. The Sims Lab version has a bit more colour but I really love the detail in Ellcrze's version!

Base Game Infant Changing Tables by littledica

If you were sad that changing tables weren’t included in the base game infant update, littledica has made some versions that are completely free, functional and compatible with the base game! There are lots of super cute swatches which match the style of Growing Together and also a matching bin to put nappies in. I love that this CC pack also includes a wall-changing table - these would be great for public buildings and bathrooms or just tight spaces.

Base Game Infant Playmat by Sims Labs

Finally, another cute and super functional item is this infant playmat by Sims Labs. Like the changing station, it’s also base game compatible so you can enjoy it even if you don’t have the Growing Together expansion. The playmat is very handy because it’s portable so you can take it out and about and you can also add extra features by upgrading it!

That's everything! Happy modding!

Need Help Downloading Mods? Here's My Quickstart Guide

If you’re unsure about how to download mods and CC, I have a quick tutorial here to get you started.

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