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My Must Have CAS Mods for The Sims 4

Here are my top 10 must have Create A Sim mods to make life easier and your Sims look better. I honestly could not live without these mods - they just take the whole CAS experience to the next level!

More Columns

So first, my ultimate must have especially if you use custom content is the More Columns Mod. This allows you to choose the number of columns in Create A Sim - with a choice between 3, 4 and 5 columns. This is so useful for being able to see everything without excessive scrolling. If you have a lot of custom content it also make it a lot easier to find items you’re looking for as you can see more items per page.

Tidy Details Mod

Another great quality of life mod is the Tidy Details Mod by soaring sparrows. This mod essentially creates categories for sorting items within in each category. This is useful to avoid layering CC of the same type and also just for being able to quickly find something specific.

Stand Still

Next, super useful if you like to create content or take screenshots of your Sims in CAS is the Stand Still in CAS mod. This mod removes EA animations so your sim will stand straight with a blank expression. Alternatively if you don’t want this mod or still want a little bit of movement or expression for your Sims you can use the cheat casclockspeed. If you type this in with a 0, your sim will be frozen. You can also use a decimal number between 0 and 1 for slow motion or a number above 1 for faster speeds.

More Traits

Now this next one is useful for CAS as well as gameplay. It’s the More Traits Mod which does exactly what it sounds like and simply adds more slots for Sims traits. This can help make sims feel more well rounded and introduce more events or developments in live mode.

CAS Backgrounds

Okay so if you’re like me and you don’t love the aesthetic of the default CAS background you can make some easy switches to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I love the old style CAS background by littledica and these plain colour backgrounds by urbansims and oshinsims. To make these backgrounds look even smoother in game I also recommend picking up urbansims Blob Remover which removes the little blue shadow left over at the bottom. If you create content, this green screen background may also come in handy for you.

UrbanSims (with Blob Remover) -

Greenscreen -

CAS Lighting

Another mod that really enhances the aesthetic of create a sim is the CAS Lighting Mod. This mod offers 4 different types of lighting which can help change the vibe of CAS enormously. There are lowlight options as well as neutral lighting and city lights with colour.

CAS Poses

If you take a lot of CAS screenshots, you might want to consider downloading some CAS poses. These poses usually override a certain CAS trait and run on a loop so that you can take posed screenshots in the neutral lighting and background of CAS.

Underwear Override

This next one is quite a small change but one I really appreciate when making Sims - it’s the Underwear Override Mod. This mod changes the default underwear in game to a more aesthetic and neutral set.

Lip Scale Slider

Something that might help you speed up creating sims is the Mouth Scale Slider. This is really helpful for changing mouth size quickly and provides a larger range of mouth sizes. You can use this mod by dragging the corners of the mouth from side to side.

Link -

Eyelash Mods

Now my final mod! This one is more for use in conjuction with CC eyelashes and it’s actually two mods because I couldn’t keep it to 10. So first of all, the Eyelash Filler Mod which fills in the waterline on Sims, making lashes look thicker and better. To go with this is the EA Eyelash Remover Mod, which removes the default block eyelashes in the game. Honestly just changing the eyelashes on a sim makes a hugeee difference to me so I’d really recomend trying these two. If you want CC eyelash recommendations, my go to ones are MMSIMS Maxis Match eyelashes.

EA Eyelash Remover -

Need Help Downloading Mods? Here's My Quickstart Guide

If you’re unsure about how to download mods and CC, I have a quick tutorial here to get you started.

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Really appreciate the lash one in particular, tysm! <3

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