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Baby & Toddler CC Links

One of my Let's Play Sims got pregnant and this inspired me to do a baby and toddler CC haul! The haul is mostly furniture and clothes with some baby shower items too. I also downloaded a mod which allows you to host a baby shower event! I used this alongside some of the CC from this haul in my baby shower Let's Play episode here:

Here are the links in order of everything shown in the video:

PandaSama (Toddler Mods & Activities)

Baby Steamer & Toddler food

Stibium Toddler Room

Pre-school - Activities for toddlers

Toddler Drawing Stuff

Child Dream Kit

Pre-School - Activities for Toddlers

Do It Your-Shelf Modular Cubbies

Peace's Place : Roarsome Kids Bedroom

Pre-School - Activities for Toddlers 2


Bambino Children's Room


Casteru Toddler Hair & Clothes | Patreon

Puffer Jacket

Tiny Twavellers Furniture Set

Jordan Layered Hooded Top

Hair Set

Afro Puffs

Baby Shower Event

Sweets Decor

Baby Shower Collection

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